Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Santa Fe

Goober here! 

So me and Stoof are uber slackers. I apologize. I also suck at taking pictures of the things I do. My little, her boyfriend and mine (they're roomies) are trying to cook more and be healthier. Aka I cook everyone dinner. I actually love it. On Monday night I made a delicious meal of spicy tilapia (squirt the fish with lemon, rub on some low fat margarine, coat it in creole and blackening seasoning and then some parm cheese and bake for 20-25 on 350) some dirty rice, salad and cream of asparagus soup from It came out really well! I have to admit I used an extra half tablespoon of sour cream and butter while making it and it was absolutely delish for the low amount of calories. Try it out!

Tomorrow for Jerzday, we are making family dinner again. Last week I made my moms meat sauce recipe (I took a few pics and I will be making a post soon). Gotta love being Italian. This Thursday we're deviating from the pasta and making tacos because that just obviously makes sense. We're going to do pulled chicken and ground turkey meat. I can't wait. I really hope they turn out as good as the tacos from here. I will rave about Santa Fe Mexican grill allll day long. I live above it so I am a very frequent customer. They have the hands down best margaritas in Newark. And thanks to my mama I got to try the one in Wilmington via Groupon. They are just great restaurants if you love Mexican food like I do. So if you are ever in Delaware definitely check it out. I'm really really wishing they delivered and would be so kind as to bring me a golden chimichanga right now. mmm can't wait for taco night! 

have a great day! Adios!

ps. check out my friend's blog the style tab  she's an awesome fashionista and puts together the cutest outfits! She recently featured me and some of my sistas in a post about how to wear your greek letters a little differently for any sorority ladies out there. Get inspired!


  1. love the blog doll! can't wait to read more!

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  2. Thank you so much!! Spread the word if you can! We will def follow back...xx take care, Stoof!