Monday, April 9, 2012


I feel like holidays should be a time to unwind and relax. Unfortunately in my life that is rarely the case. It seems like there are always 9 million other things all going on at once, each one equally competing for my undivided attention. Easter would probably seem like the most placid holiday of them all (bunnies, eggs, pastel colors and brunch) but even after a nice dinner at home yesterday I still feel far from internally calm. This is where the internet saves me. My mother chastised me yesterday after I showed her my (impressive if I may say so) ever-growing collection of pins on pinterest yesterday. "you have too much time on your hands" I'm going to thoroughly disagree with her there, although I probably do spend way too much time there. Typically when I am feeling overwhelmed I procrastinate by pinning my life away, or going to a stores' online site and adding every single thing I want to the cart and exiting out of the browser. Today I vowed to focus on getting my mounting load of work done and tie up loose ends with my downtime at work, but that is when my lovely boyfriend introduced me to a new stress reliever. 
How did I not know about this! it's amazing, just like pinterest but dedicated solely to beautifully presented food, most of it seemingly healthy. Clicking the pictures even takes you to the link of the source so you can get the recipe. It's fantastic. If you have a lot of downtime, or feel like you would rather propel yourself from a high rooftop instead of tackling your political science paper, check it out! 

ps. here's my lovely easter dinner table display set up!