Saturday, February 4, 2012

Watch for Dips!

I love love love dips!  What better reason to make a dip than football, esp. Super Bowl Sunday.  If your going to a party or just rooting for your fave team at home, these dips are sure to be a hit.  What I've put together has come a long way from the old stand by's like, chips and salsa, onion  & spinach dip,  Not that I am knocking these one bit, I love all of them.... I've even have dip dinners, where I make 2-3 dips, either my fave's or maybe something new I've been wanting to try and my hubby and I will have movie day or spend the day watching all the games we can find snacking away.  And sometimes what we have to dip is almost as exciting as what we are dipping in.  (Mmmm, nothing like picking up that fresh loaf of pumpernickel the morning I make my spinach dip or yummy baked pita chips for hummus)  It's also a great theme to have for a party since most everyone has a fave of their own.  

To go with a dip themed party make sure all your guest aren't bringing the same thing. Try to get a third of your guests to bring more appetizer type dips, then a third to do more heartier dips, then the rest sweet or desert dips...if you can't think of any....well, lucky you, cause I have compiled a a nice lil group in each section.  Invited guests should know approximately how much dip to bring to the party. As a host, you should have an assortment of things to dip such as, bread cubes, pretzels, tortilla chips, crackers, a variety of cut up veggies, pita and pretzel chips and hard bread sticks to name a few.  Most grocery stores have a nice assortment of gourmet crackers and bread sticks to try as well that won't break the bank!  Fruit, pretzels, marshmallows, cookies, graham crackers and cut up pieces of pound-cake, as well as carrot sticks can work for the desserts. Toothpicks, spreaders, cocktail plates and napkins in your team colors will complete your table.   

And, as always, please email us your ideas, attempts, or suggestions at  Enjoy!!!

Starter Dips

Main Dips

Dessert Dips

xo - Stoof

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