Friday, February 3, 2012

Color block polsh

Hi Double 00h followers!!  On a recent trip to Walgreens (which I swear is evil) I came across some great sales (and and even greater sales associate with coupons) in the nail polish section.... I got Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect in "Air"  ($4.99) & Kiss Nail Art Paint 3 pack (black, white & silver) with stencils ($4.99 on sale +coupon)!  I also got even BETTER deals on polish and art polish (polish with long skinny brushes for decorating) at Five Below.  Name brand stuff too like Sally Hansen Insta-Dri and Xtreme Wear for $2.00 each (I was so shocked they: a) had cool colors & b) had any left in the display).  Needless to say I picked up 4 of those in fun spring colors and 3 bottles of Color Club - Nail Art Lacquor for $5.00 for all 3.  

I know this will make the 3rd post about polish, but lately I have been really having fun with my new purchases. Especially after Goober's post with the pic of color blocking, I decided to give it a try.  Well, lemme be honest.  I actually wanted to do a reverse french (where you paint the bottom of the nail instead of the line across top like a traditional's the 1st pic in Goo's post...anyway, after a botched attempt at that I had decided to try the color block instead.  

For this post, it was my intention to color block so the results came out way better.  I won't pretend that my lines are perfect or that I didn't get polish on my skin .......cause I did, as you may notice in the pics. :)  If you try this you probably will too, but when you shower it will come right off after your skin is nice and soft (pay attention to it and help it along a little if needed).  Not gonna shower before you need to go out and don't have a polish correction pen around?  Just make sure nail are COMPLETELY dry, I'm talking an hour or a couple coats of polish dry...then rinse under warm water gently rubbing the polish off with your nails....I wouldn't recommend a nail brush, it's too hard, but maybe an old tooth brush if you have one.  I am also trying the color blocking cause it's the easiest to do with my left hand (since I'm a righty).  

For this paint job I let my Mr. pick the colors and he went with Essie, I apologize, this bottle is missing the label and cannot find the color on their site, but it's a ridiculously bright neon pink, and the Kiss Nail Art Paint in black & silver.  
Neon Pink, Silver & Black

First I started with the pink.

Next the silver, I'd go with whatever direction feel most comfortable for you.  You may even just want to go strait across, whatever your mood, outfit or occasion calls for.  

Then the black, I found the point where the sliver met the side and went up toward the opposite end to cover the entire top of the nail, making the triangle pattern.  

not perfect, but once cleaned up....


Finally top with a fave top coat and Viola! Fun nails that will def grab attention! And hey, if your too timid to try this or aren't having a whole lot of success, call your sister or bff and have fun coming up with creative color combos and patterns, neutral and muted block patterning is really in right now!  Remember that mistakes are going to happen, we aren't manicurists (however if you are please come do our nails lol)    Please send us your pics at if you decide to try it out..we'd love to see your creations and we'd love to display them in a future post!!  

Have Fun!

*Note: Went out the day after I did this and 3 random people told me how cool my nails were and then when my friend mentioned that I did them myself (and I did my other hand too) I got looks of!  And that's good for anyone's ego!  

xo - Stoof

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