Sunday, January 15, 2012

Color fade nails

As Goober's post mentioned, we love nail polish! I personally have so many colors I never have to look far for a color that fits my outfit or mood......


My abundant collection of shades made it easy to try a new and easy nail trend. It's called fading, 3 colors in a range of light, medium and dark shades. I picked blue. I worked with my stash and came up with 3 blues I thought would work well together. You take the darkest color and paint your pinky finger.
(unfortunately there was no label on the bottle)

Next, the medium color on your ring and middle fingers.

(This is Sephora brand mini polish in “Myrtille”)

The last two fingers get the lightest shade.
Essie “lapix of luxury”

Finally finish with your top coat of choice and there it is, a trendy nail look that took no extra effort or time. 

So if you have a plethora of polish like me, do some digging and grab some colors. Purples would look fab too....hmmm, might be my next attempt ;)  I def love this trend, plus it's a way to have lots of cool colors that might be a lil overboard on their own in some situations.  Even if you only have red and dark and light shades of pink, anyone can try this! Just have fun with it and make your self smile!  We'd love to hear from you on what you think about this trend, my attempt or what your new fave nail trend is!  

The great thing about nail color is it's gone with some remover and a swipe of a cotton ball!

xo -Stoof

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